Many thanks for your splendid services! You’ve made our trip easy, informative, educational and delightful in every way.
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The Waldman & Tovin Family
Do we ever miss you! What a terrific guide you were and how wonderful you made the Wertheimer family trip to Israel.  
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The Wertheimer family
Houston Texas | 2000
You truly were the perfect guide showing us Israel as it should be seen as well as being good for our family. We enjoyed your company very much and hope you can lead us on many more hikes in the future wen it’s not so hot!
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Judy and family
Los Angeles, CA | 1999
You’ve inspired me to study history at last.
Pearl K.
Thank you for a most wonderful tour of Israel. You were not only incredibly knowledgeable and informative, but were truly a pleasure to be with. Please DO call us if you are ever in the United States.
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Bruce and Stephanie
It was really sad for us to say goodbye to you. Our trip was so wonderful and you really made it very special. We just want to say thanks for making our trip so perfect. Love and peace to you always,  
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Jackie and family
N. Potomac, MD | 1998
You are an excellent teacher.  You had clear theme running throughout, provided a historical and geographical framework for what we were seeing, and gently employed repetition to help us “get it”.  You delivered your “spiel” (more Yiddish?!) with energy and enthusiasm. You were tolerant of our questions, musings, and interruptions.
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Pastor Phillip Washburn
Scarsdale, NY | 1998
You are a true professional. We appreciate your incredible knowledge of the land and the people and history of Israel. We have all very much enjoyed our time with you.  
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John & Family
Durham, NH | 1998
Thank you for your excellent care of us: your intelligence, your patience, your humor, your skilful driving. You made our visit everything we could have wanted.
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Anne and Kimon Z.
It would be hard to imagine a better guide for our first trip to Israel – you were knowledgeable, flexible, and very generous – not to mention patient with us.  
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Majorie S.
Member of House of Reprentetive Durham, NH | 1997


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